Match Report: Brackenfell II vs Coronation (T20)

So Riaan hands me a CD filled with photos from the recent T20 match I didn't play. After looking at the first 40 photos of the coach playing shot after shot it soon became clear. This was the day he had his boet come round to take some pictures of the team erm him.....

I wasn't at the game, but seem to recall Riaan got some runs, 50 odd. Poor old Tim was ordered to 'Bat through' and anchor the innings. Riaan made a point of reminding him of this at the end of each over. So here follows some photos of Riaan, throwing the bat and Tim anchoring the innings. O and the Skipper - Dennis having a heave-ho and getting cleaned up. Enjoy

The 2nd XI walking off after their bowling effort
Good effort in the field

The Coach Looking shatteredEina, hoekom is alles dan so seer?

The elder statesman opens the battingThe elder statesman opens the batting

Spot the ball?Spot the ball?

Tim not sticking to the planTim not sticking to the plan

Tim putting another one awayTim putting another one away

Dancing down the trackDancing down the track

When in doubt - Sweep!When in doubt - Sweep!

The Oval looking goodThe Oval looking good

Reckless Tim....Reckless Tim....

and againand again

Slog-sweeping towards 50!Slog-sweeping towards 50!

Kannie daai booul nie!Kannie daai boul nie!

Lekker moeg - Nou gaan hy dam lekker stort!Lekker moeg - Nou gaan hy dam lekker stort!

Dennis met n ongemaklike reverse sweepDennis met n ongemaklike reverse sweep

In the arc....In the arc....


Another win for BCCAnother win for BCC